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Who's Who 2017
Print Edition
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Who’s Who 2017
Who's Who 2017
Published: 5th December 2016
Format: Hardback
Extent: 2624 pages
ISBN: 9781472913609
Dimensions: 200 x 270mm
RRP: £295
Who’s Who 2017 print and online bundle
Who's Who 2017
Published: 5th December 2016
Format: 1 copy of print volume plus 1 year's subscription to www.ukwhoswho.com
Extent: 2624 pages
ISBN: 9781472947017
RRP: £400
Who Was Who
Who Was Who
Who Was Who is a series of thirteen books made up of the entries for people who were previously in Who's Who and divided into different volumes according to when they died.
These thirteen volumes contain autobiographical entries for the movers and shakers of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, including key names from all areas of society. They are a unique historical record and are a vital resource for researchers and genealogists.
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